Realtors rally in 2018 Credit: Jack Kramer file photo

The Connecticut Realtors, the largest trade association in the state, has endorsed Gov. Ned Lamont over Republican Bob Stefanowski. 

Four years ago they endorsed Stefanowski, but CTR 2022 President Tammy Felenstein said the “circumstances are completely different.” 

Felenstein said four years ago it was an open seat and neither Lamont or Stefanowski had any political background or record. This year is different. 

She said Lamont has been “consistently very supportive of the real estate industry.” 

She said they made realtors “essential” at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which helped them sell homes to the exodus of New Yorkers.

“He didn’t support a conveyance tax increase or a mansion tax,” Felenstein said. 

She said he also supported legislation to increase the property tax credit from $200 to $300. 

“Every little bit helps, especially with inflation,” she added. 

At a time when mortgage rates are topping 6% and home values have surpassed an average of more than $430,000, buyers are finding it difficult to afford a home, while inventory is low. 

“Connecticut’s real estate industry and its economic success are tied together, and Governor Lamont understands that connection,” CTR’s incoming president for 2023 David Gallitto said.

Lamont thanked the group for its endorsement.

“Four years ago we promised to turn the moving trucks around and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’re getting our fiscal house in order– making investments in education across the board and installing business friendly policies that make families want to put down roots in Connecticut,” Lamont said.  

In 2018, the REALTORS for Connecticut PAC spent about $635,000 on trying to get Stefanowski elected. That PAC has since been dissolved and the Connecticut Realtors said they do not discuss potential campaign contributions.