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We’ve been hearing from readers from around Connecticut that their local communities are not getting enough news coverage. In some cases, there is zero coverage.

This is problematic, particularly for communities that use the town meeting form of government, where people need concise, accurate information in order to make good decisions about how their local tax dollars are spent.

If your town needs news coverage – if the only coverage you ever see is related to car accidents or occasional criminal activity, or perhaps it’s a weekly filled with press releases or other non-impactful journalism – please fill out this survey below.

At CTNewsJunkie, local news is in our blood. Given the right amount of demand, we might just be able to help grow a small news business for your town.

Local, independent, online news (LION) publishers are attempting to fill the void but it helps to know where there’s both a need, and a lot of interest. There is a ton of noise and disinformation to compete with online, and the first draft of history needs to be more than a series of social media posts in a closed online group.

A professionally operated, locally owned news business is part of the fabric every healthy community. News organizations like CTNewsJunkie and the hundreds of other LION Publishers across the US are crucial to democracy, particularly at local level.

Fill in the survey below if your town needs a LION: