Hours before Connecticut was expected to begin the first phase of reopening the economy, the state’s computer system went down, shutting down email communication and causing a variety of other problems for state employees.

The “bug” disconnected 1,700 virtual servers from storage and rendered “many of the states systems inoperational,” Chief Information Officer Mark Raymond said.

He said the infrastructure encountered a “bug.”

It’s unclear, however, what exactly broke and caused the outage.

Josh Geballe, Gov. Ned Lamont’s chief operating officer and commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services, said they are still trying to determine what happened.

“There was no evidence of a cyber attack and there was no data lost,” Geballe said Tuesday.

The outage started early Tuesday morning and was in the process of being restored Tuesday night.

It’s unclear if the computer and email system being down most of the day will impact the data the state has been gathering and sharing about the number of residents who test positive for COVID-19 and the number of tests administered.

Emails sent earlier in the day were just showing up in email boxes late Tuesday night.