Gasoline prices have been dropping slowly in Connecticut since they reached a one-year peak average price of $3.02 per gallon in April, according to user-generated price data from the GasBuddy app.

The change is happening at a pace such that the state’s prices have been rated “stable” by GasBuddy for the last several months.

The lowest non-member, credit-or-cash per-gallon price for regular gasoline reported in Connecticut on Tuesday morning was $2.25 at three different stations in Colchester on South Main Street: Phillips 66, Atlantis Fresh Market, and Stop & Shop. The only price lower than $2.25 reported in Connecticut today was $2.19 per gallon, cash only, at Mercury Fuel, 29 South Main St., Winsted.

The highest price for regular gas reported Tuesday in Connecticut was $3.39 per gallon at the Shell station in Ridgefield at 130 Danbury Road.

The average price of regular gasoline in Connecticut today is $2.56 per gallon, according to GasBuddy. According to AAA, the current average is $2.60 per gallon.

Generally speaking, Connecticut’s gas prices are higher than the national average but have been hovering close to, or slightly below, the national average for short periods of time over the last year or so.

AAA data says Connecticut’s highest recorded average price for regular gasoline was $4.39 on July 9, 2008.

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