The media plays a fundamental role in any democracy, and all eyes are on the news on Election Day. From traditional news anchors to independent reporters on Twitter, we have minute-to-minute election updates available right at our fingertips. But this overabundance of information can easily lead to confusion, misinformation, and the creation of echo chambers.

Join our panel of experts: Mara Suttmann-Lea, Asst. Prof. of American Politics at Connecticut College; Christine Stuart, Editor at CT News Junkie; Belinha de Abreu, President of the International Council for Media Literacy; and Jerrod Ferrari, Director of Earned Media & Senior Account Manager at The Narrative Project who will discuss the role of news coverage and social media on Election day and the days leading up to it, and how we can protect ourselves from disinformation and find trustworthy sources. Moderated by Anita Ford-Saunders, Communication Strategist.