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HARTFORD, CT — Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who is also exploring a run for governor, will have a tumor removed from his brain Tuesday.

The tumor, which is known as a epidermoid cyst, will be removed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

“My medical team has assured me with great confidence that I will make a full recovery,” Boughton said in an email Monday morning to supporters.

According to the American Brain Tumor Association epidermoid cysts are most commonly found in middle-aged adults and the exact cause of the cyst is unknown.

“It is suspect that certain types form in the early weeks of fetal growth. Nothing specific can be done to prevent the development of cysts,” the website explains.

It’s suspected that it’s benign, but these types can also be malignant.

“We are confident that the removal of the cyst will be a one-time procedure without the need for additional surgery or medical intervention,” Boughton said in the email. “I expect to be back serving the people of Danbury within a few weeks.”

Boughton is serving his eighth-term as mayor of Danbury. This is his third time exploring a run for the Republican nomination for governor. Boughton has said if he doesn’t raise the $250,000 necessary to obtain public financing then he would drop out of the race.