If sex offenders partake in trick-or-treating festivities, they can end up in prison, according to a press release issued by the Department of Correction.

The department, in an effort to keep minors safe on Halloween, instructs offenders to keep their porch lights off during the night so they won’t attract children on their quest for candy. If a trick-or-treater happens to knock on an offender’s door, they must not answer.

Department of Correction Commissioner Leo C. Arnone says the department has clearly told offenders “what is expected of them on this night and throughout the year.”

But just in case offenders aren’t clear, parole officers from the Special Management Unit will be surveying neighborhoods statewide to ensure that the offenders are in compliance with rules set out by the department. The unit also conduct unannounced home visits on offenders throughout the state, according to the release.

The Special Management Unit oversees about 100 sex offenders who are in the community and are on parole or special parole, the statement says.

If a sex offender doesn’t abide by these rules, he or she will be “immediately remanded to prison,” the press release made clear.

There are currently 639 sex offenders in Hartford alone, according to the Connecticut sex offender registry.