Republican Brian K. Hill didn’t receive enough support from the delegates Friday to automatically qualify for the U.S. Senate primary, but that’s not stopping him from pushing ahead with his campaign.

Hill, who impressed many Republican insiders, only received about 7 percent of the delegates. Some of the delegates came up to him and told they liked his message and wanted to support his candidacy, but had already promised their votes to Linda McMahon or Chris Shays.

Asked what it takes to get them to change their minds, Hill shrugged.

“There were no surprises at the GOP convention, as the convention process itself favors certain types of candidates,” Hill, who was the only African-American candidate, said.

He said while he respects the decision of the convention he wants to make his case to the rest of the Republican Party.

“The Party Conventions are antiquated and counterproductive,” Hill said in a press release.

Hill said he will gather 10,500 signatures of registered Connecticut Republicans before June 11. He only needs to get 8,319 signatures in order to qualify for the ballot, but it’s always good to get a few more than necessary in case some can’t be verified.

“If we get the 250 volunteers and financial support for a petition signature drive over the next week, we will definitely continue our efforts,” Hill said. “If not, we will support the eventual nominee, as it is important that we elect a Republican to this U.S. Senate seat.”