She lost phone service and as a result a candidate lost her vote Tuesday.

Mary, who owns a small retail business in West Hartford and refused to give her last name, said she voted for U.S. Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal because his opponent Republican Linda McMahon “clogged the phone lines,” and cost her business Monday.

But Mary isn’t alone. Comcast customers in Connecticut experienced outages Monday evening when the political robocalls started pouring in. It’s unclear which campaigns were making the robocalls.

Comcast Corp. spokeswoman Kristen Roberts said Tuesday that customers in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts experienced outages Monday due to the large amount of autodialing taking place. She apologized for any inconvenience the outage, which is now fixed, may have caused its customers.

Steven and Ellen Zelman, who were outside Bloomfield High School, said they lost Comcast phone service too Monday.

“The Comcast lines were down because all the robocalls came in at once,” Steven Zelman, who is running for probate judge, said.

Ellen Zelman said the last call she received was from former President Bill Clinton urging her to vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy.

Unlike Mary, the Zelman’s said they couldn’t say one politician or another was responsible for the outage, but their friends with AT&T service were able to receive calls last night.

Ellen Zelman said when she called her home phone it said the phone number was no longer in service.