Up in the latest Quinnipiac University poll by 25 points, Richard Blumenthal’s U.S. Senate campaign, released its first three televisions ads Tuesday.

The three ads feature individuals and families who claim they were helped by Blumenthal over the years. All three ads show the individuals talking about how Blumenthal helped them win claims against big insurance companies.

Sarah, an Ellington woman, describes how Blumenthal helped her family deal with the obstacles her family faced after a fire destroyed their home.

“We were left with nothing and were absolutely stunned when we received the bill to clean the waste and devastated because that money was coming out of what were eligible for to rebuild the home,” Sarah says in the 30-second commercial. “I called Attorney General Blumenthal and he ended up getting that bill greatly reduced for us.”

A second 30-second spot features a mother and son from Burlington who were helped when Blumenthal was able to get the insurance company to cover the baby formula they needed.

In the third commercial Gary and Gayle of Prospect talk about how Blumenthal was able to get the insurance company to allow a life-saving surgery to be performed in Connecticut, instead of Washington.

Click here to view all three advertisements.

“Dick Blumenthal has stood up to the most powerful interests for the people of Connecticut. These ads highlight his record of results for three Connecticut families and how he made a real difference in their lives,” said Mindy Meyers, Blumenthal’s campaign manager.

Blumenthal’s opponent, former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon’s campaign had a different opinion about what the television ads mean.

“I think Dick Blumenthal knows he’s in trouble and is spending money to reshape his image,” Ed Patru, McMahon’s communications director, said Tuesday.

Blumenthal’s image was bruised when it was revealed that, on occasion, he misstated his military service during the Vietnam era.

“His numbers are moving in the wrong direction,” Patru said.

Blumenthal’s numbers dipped slightly in the last Quinnipiac University poll. In a match-up against McMahon Blumenthal’s numbers dropped 5 points from March and 8 from January, while McMahon’s numbers have increase 8 points since January.

Patru said it’s a safe bet to say McMahon will be back on television soon, however, he refused to say what type of advertisements they may be.

The Cook Political Report continues to view the race as a moving target, but has moved it back from the Toss Up column to Lean Democratic in light of the recent poll results.