Christine Stuart photo

The night before the fifth year anniversary of the War in Iraq, U.S. Congressman John Larson, D-1, held a public forum with a standing room only crowd at the Elmwood Community Center in West Hartford.

The turnout may have surprised some since the war has not dominated the news cycle and hasn’t been on the front page in weeks. The last war forum Larson hosted was months ago, and his staffers admitted they didn’t know what kind of turnout to expect.

At the last war forum CTNewsjunkie covered, Larson’s constituents wanted to know why Congress wasn’t moving to impeach President George W. Bush. On Tuesday the more than 50 constituents who showed up, wanted to know about the cost of the war, its implications on domestic policy, and how long the US plans on staying in the Middle East.

One woman asked; Why isn’t there the level of protests that there was during Vietnam?

Larson said that’s simple, “No draft.”

Harkening back to World War II earlier in the evening, he said, “Roosevelt asked a whole country to sacrifice. The only thing we’ve asked people to do is go out and shop.”

Larson will host another war forum 5 p.m. tonight at Manchester Community College’s Fireside Commons-Library, 161 Hillstown Road, Manchester. Background information from Larson’s office can be found here and here.

A number of people who remain upset about the war will be protesting in a variety of locations throughout Connecticut Wednesday.

11:30 a.m. Rally at Joe Lieberman’s office Location: 1 Constitution Plaza, corner of Market and Kinsley, Hartford.

12 p.m. Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice will sponsor and interfaith prayer service. Some people will participate in civil disobedience. Location: Center Church, 60 Gold St., Hartford.

3 p.m. Protest at Chris Shays’ office, 10 Middle St. and throughout downtown Bridgeport

5 p.m. Vigil at the Greenwich Post Office Location: 310 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich

6 p.m. Northeast Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice Vigil at the corner of Main and Jackson, Willimantic

7 p.m. Ned Lamont will speak at a peace rally and vigil at Amity Regional Senior High School, 25 Newton Road, Woodbridge