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OP-ED | Apropos of Nothing … Malloy’s Reprieve, Bob’s Plight, and Ditching Cable News

Typically, when a convict is doing hard time for a capital crime, it’s the governor who grants him a stay of execution. But in the case of Dannel P. Malloy, Connecticut’s controversial former chief executive, it’s the governor himself who got a reprieve. After leaving office on New Year’s Day 2019, Malloy, you may recall, accepted an offer to become chancellor of the University of Maine system. It seemed at the time like it might be a good fit. After all, Malloy had run an important state with a population about three times the size of Maine’s, and he had instituted some interesting – if dubious – reforms in Connecticut’s higher education system, including the consolidation of the state’s community colleges and the creation of a Board of Regents to oversee Connecticut’s higher education system.