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Still Wear It

Editorial cartoon by Pat Byrnes. Do you smell weed everywhere? Yeah, I do too. It’s trailing out of the cars in front of you, or it’s being smoked on the sidewalk. Your neighbors downstairs may be carelessly filling your whole building with the stench of secondhand smoke from their newly legalized habit. Is the backlash to cannabis legalization coming next? In Amsterdam – yes, Amsterdam – they just banned smoking cannabis outdoors in the Red Light district. Where are we heading on this issue in Connecticut? One thing is certain, legislators who voted to legalize recreational cannabis were not endorsing driving under the influence of THC, but here we are. You can’t drive anywhere in Connecticut without smelling it. Watch for new data sets on non-alcohol DUIs in the coming months. And if your downstairs neighbors are filling your apartment with weed, there are only a limited number of options available to you, according to