Trailing, Stefanowski Stays The Course

Bob Stefanowski has a strategy for turning around the momentum in the home stretch of the governor’s race: keep talking about parent’s rights and crime and inflation. The Republican candidate has been hammering those themes as the race for governor enters its final six weeks. Meanwhile, gas prices have dropped to their lowest point in 18 months.…

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Connecticut Energy Assistance Program May Receive an Extra $20 Million

A federal heating assistance program appeared likely to get a funding boost from Congress this week after it was included in a stopgap budget bill, potentially providing more support for low-income Connecticut households during the coming winter.  Funding for the state’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program dropped to roughly $79 million this year after having…

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Teachers Say ‘No’ To Remote Learning For Sick Students

Connecticut’s two teacher unions said Wednesday that the state Education Department’s guidance on remote instruction “is inequitable, and jeopardizes the education of our most vulnerable students.” They said not only does it harm education, but that it violates a law passed in the 2022 session prohibiting dual teaching – the practice of having one educator…

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Women Give Blumenthal The Edge Over Levy

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal held a 13 point lead over Republican Leora Levy in a poll released Wednesday morning by CT Insider and Channel 3 Eyewitness News, which found the incumbent Democrat with a 30 point advantage among women.

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Study: Despite Efforts, Diversity Gap Widens

While state leaders have prioritized teacher diversity in public schools, the gap between the number of diverse teachers has not kept up with the number of diverse students in the districts they serve, according to a study released by Education Reform Now (ERN), a nonpartisan and nonprofit education advocacy group.  The issue is one that needs…

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Social Equity Council Votes To Give Some Cannabis Companies A Second Shot

A Connecticut panel charged with ensuring the equitable issuance of cannabis business licenses reversed course Monday and voted to reconsider the applications of a handful of companies it had previously denied as failing to meet its criteria.  The state Social Equity Council clarified its requirements for the level of ownership and control an applicant from…

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OP-ED | Where Are The Indigenous History Markers And Statues?

Throughout my bicycle travels of the Northeast and Midwest I have stopped to read many historical markers. I like to see what happened there, learn the history of buildings, and better understand the arc of human civilization and society in each place along the way. From a train crash to early resident life to highlights of historical industries, the signs give me a slice of life and a sense of place. There are markers for…

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On Surplus, Dems, GOP Switch Sides

New Haven and Hamden Democratic state lawmakers threw their support behind fiscal ​“discipline” and recession preparedness when faced with a question that will likely dominate this year’s legislative session. Read more from the New Haven Independent.

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