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After Stillbirth, Undocumented Woman Organizes Partnership To Help Others Find Better Care

When Laura Garcia was pregnant with her third child, a boy she named Matias, she had symptoms that made her uneasy. However, she said her community clinic told her it was normal. But after delivering a stillborn child, she was determined to act so that other women in her situation might not suffer the same way.

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OP-ED | Confusion In ‘Washington’ – Free Speech Or Law Breaking?

As anyone who has built a new home or started a business will tell you, most towns have strict zoning codes and they don’t generally hesitate to enforce them. Sometimes there are gray areas in the law, the parties cannot agree and the matter winds up in court. On rare occasions, national politics intrudes. Welcome to Washington – not the District of Columbia, but the sleepy town of 3,500 in Litchfield County where the nation’s first president once spent the night and where the biggest acts in town are a fancy prep school and a renowned bookstore.

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Summit Focuses On Finding Workers

Job creation? Or filling jobs already created? Economic development gatherings have tended to focus on the first question. A statewide confab held in New Haven Tuesday afternoon pivoted to the latter. The standing-room-only ​“Connecticut Economic Development Summit” took place at the airport terminal Yale School of Management on Whitney Avenue. Hundreds of business leaders and policymakers attended the series of speeches and […]