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Study: Maine Is A Leader in New England When It Comes To Preparing For Climate Change

Maine is making the fastest strides among New England states in preparing for climate change, according to a new analysis. The report is the work of two fellows at the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute who took on a project proposed by the Union of Concerned Scientists. That organization wanted to evaluate the region’s climate progress using its own framework for measuring what it calls the “resilience gap,” or the extent to which communities remain unprepared for climate-change-driven conditions.

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OP-ED | Public Transportation Should Be Treated as a Public Good

During my lunch break, I sat on a bench in Bushnell Park, looking at the ducks while sipping a coffee. If I had more time I would have exchanged my sneakers for a pair of rental skates and taken a few laps on the ice rink. Instead, I needed to return a book to the library and see about a free museum pass while there. Then, this product of the public school system got on a CTtransit bus and rode home, without the fuss of scrounging for coins to feed the fare box. Almost everything I described feels like it has been accepted as simply the way things are. Everything, of course, except for public transportation. 

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How State Taxes Make Inequality Worse

As she opened her $1,600 property tax bill in February, Edith Baltazar suddenly lost her appetite for the eggs she’d prepared for lunch with her daughter. Her thoughts raced: Would their home be taken away if she couldn’t pay it?

Baltazar’s daughter wept. The family would have to make a difficult decision: the property tax or $2,000 for diabetes medication.

The taxes won.

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Stakeholders: Health Care Is Expensive And Outcomes Aren’t Better Than In Most Comparable Nations

Health care industry stakeholders began a Thursday morning hearing in Hartford with a sobering assessment of the state’s health metrics: Connecticut is among the most expensive states to receive health care in the United States, a country that pays more for worse health outcomes than most comparable nations.