October 2023 cannabis sales (Courtesy of DCP)

Both recreational and medical cannabis sales were around $25 million in October, according to the Department of Consumer Protection. 

The adult-use cannabis market accounted for over $14.7 million in sales, while the medical marijuana market contributed more than $10.1 million in sales. It’s worth noting that adult-use cannabis sales officially commenced on January 10, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the state’s cannabis industry.

Those numbers are roughly on par with what Connecticut saw in September.

In terms of product distribution, medical marijuana patients purchased a total of 277,552 products in October, while adult-use consumers acquired 393,642 products. The average product price for medical marijuana patients was $36.43 for the month, whereas the average price for adult-use products stood at $37.61.

Breaking down the product categories, usable cannabis (commonly referred to as flower) represented 51 percent of sales in October, with vape products accounting for 31 percent of the market. Edible products made up 11 percent of total sales.

The data collected by the Department of Consumer Protection is derived from Connecticut’s Seed-to-Sale Tracking System, ensuring transparency and accountability within the cannabis industry. It’s important to note that while DCP provides data on sales, it does not project revenue, set sales expectations, collect taxes, or regulate prices.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the preliminary data does not include taxes collected at the point of sale for adult-use transactions and is subject to further review by the department. In contrast, medical marijuana patients are exempt from paying taxes on their cannabis purchases.

Connecticut’s cannabis market continues to evolve, and the recent sales figures underscore the demand for both medical and adult-use products in the state. As the industry matures and regulatory frameworks adapt, stakeholders will be closely monitoring these trends to ensure the successful and responsible growth of the cannabis sector in Connecticut.