Connecticut job growth concept
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Connecticut added a net total of 56,582 residents in 2022, according to migration statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, which found 145,315 people had moved into the Nutmeg state last year which more than offset the 88,733 residents who opted to leave.

The federal agency’s state-to-state migration flows data uses the American Community Survey to record whether respondents were living in the same location as a year earlier and track their movement between states. 

The most recent data estimated Connecticut’s population at around 3,588,965 and suggested that the state made its biggest gains from two of its immediate neighbors. A net total of 35,689 people moved to Connecticut from New York while a net 11,753 relocated from Massachusetts.

Connecticut also gained an estimated net 6,670 residents from nearby New Jersey, a net 1,081 from Rhode Island and 167 from Vermont, according to the statistics. 

The state also made gains outside the region. For instance Connecticut added a net total of 2,120 residents from California.

In a statement Tuesday, Gov. Ned Lamont said attracting new residents and businesses to the state remained a priority for his administration. 

“This is further proof that word is getting out about Connecticut’s great quality of life, nationally ranked public schools, access to great health care, and business and family-friendly environment,” Lamont said. 

Although Connecticut made gains in general and compared to many of its regional neighbors, it took some net losses when stacked up against a few other states in the region. Connecticut gained 708 residents from New Hampshire but lost 2,087 for a net loss of 1,379. It also lost a net 106 residents to Maine last year, according to the census data.

However, the state’s biggest losses went much further south. According to the statistics, 13,620 people left Connecticut for Florida. That was offset somewhat by 6,144 people who moved from Florida to Connecticut but migration between the Sunshine State and the Nutmeg State still resulted in a net 6,144 loss for Connecticut.

Elsewhere, Connecticut lost a net 3,736 residents to South Carolina and 2,053 to Texas, according to the data.