Cannabis sales for Sept. 2023

The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) unveiled new preliminary data today, showcasing that the combined sales of adult-use cannabis and medical marijuana surpassed $25 million from September 1 to September 30, 2023.

According to the data, adult-use cannabis, which became available to consumers beginning January 10, 2023, raked in sales exceeding $14.3 million in the month of September alone. On the other hand, the medical marijuana market witnessed sales nearing the $11 million mark during the same timeframe.

Breaking down product purchases for the month, medical marijuana patients procured 284,116 products, while the adult-use sector saw the purchase of 376,035 products. The average pricing for these products stood at $38.21 for medical marijuana and was slightly higher for adult-use products at $38.37.

When categorizing product sales by type, usable cannabis or flower took the majority share, accounting for 52% of the total sales. Vapor products or vapes made up 30%, while edible products trailed behind at 11%.

All this data was gathered using the state’s Seed-to-Sale Tracking System. It’s essential to note that the DCP’s primary role is data collection and it does not indulge in activities like making revenue projections, setting sales benchmarks, tax collection, or regulating product pricing.

Furthermore, while this preliminary data provides a snapshot of the Connecticut cannabis market, it doesn’t account for taxes collected at the point of sale for adult-use cannabis. This data will undergo further review and refinement by the department. Medical marijuana patients, however, are exempt from taxes on their medicinal purchases.