Drone Attacks On Moscow: Russia President Vladimir Putin inspects part of a drone on the street that is labeled "Return to Sender."
Credit: Patrick Chappatte, The Boston Globe, Der Spiegel, Le Canard Enchaîné, Le Temps and NZZ am Sonntag / CTNewsJunkie via Cagle Cartoons / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Editorial cartoons by Patrick Chappatte and Arcadio Esquival. These two cartoons seemed to go together, following the intense aerial bombardment of Kyiv by Russian missiles and drones last week and a drone attack on Moscow for which Ukraine has denied involvement.

CTNewsJunkie columnist Jamil Ragland chimed in this week about the conflict, suggesting that the ongoing destruction of Ukraine needs to end, but neither Russia nor the US – with its Western allies – seem to want to end the war anytime soon.

Putin's Nightmare: Russia President Vladimir Putin is sitting on the edge of his bed in pajamas, looking tired, with a black cloud raining over him that is labeled "Ukraine."
Credit: Arcadio Esquivel, Costa Rica / CTNewsJunkie via Cagle Cartoons / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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