College row at Wesleyan. (Smartalic34 via wikimedia)

While reproductive rights are protected in Connecticut, the Wesleyan Democratic Socialists went one step further in ensuring the costs of those services were also covered for students on campus.

At the start of the fall semester, Wesleyan will ensure that there is no financial cost borne by students to access abortion by covering all medical costs after insurance, paying for transportation to and from the clinic, and providing appropriate pain-relief medication after the procedure. The university will also provide emergency contraceptives (Plan B and Ella) to all students on campus, free at the point of service.

A Wesleyan spokesman confirmed that the agreement was reached.

The decision follows a petition by more than 700 students.

“Although Wesleyan is located in a state which protects the right to abortion, the renewed focus on reproductive care has illustrated the ways in which the University could better provide accessible care to people with uteruses. We strongly believe that Wesleyan should adopt these policies to ensure all students are able to overcome financial burdens to and lack of transportation for abortion procedures,” the online petition reads.

The decision comes in the wake of landmark efforts by Barnard College students to secure abortion pills on campus as well as a broader movement for reproductive justice nationwide.

“Wesleyan now plays a pioneering role in reproductive healthcare among private liberal arts colleges by committing to cover the entire cost of abortion after insurance for all students,” the press release from the Wesleyan Democratic Socialists reads.