FullStack Modular (Courtesy of the company website)

FullStack Modular, a modular construction company based in Brooklyn Navy Yard, is relocating its headquarters to Hamden, Connecticut. The company, which designs and manufactures mid- to high-rise multifamily buildings, hotels, and student housing, is investing between $8 million and $12 million in Connecticut. The investment will include creating safe and reliable jobs, implementing cutting-edge technology, and manufacturing housing for the local workforce, students, seniors, and travelers.

The move is expected to generate at least 100 new jobs in Connecticut by the end of the year.

FullStack Modular’s founder and president, Roger Krulak, expressed his excitement about the move, stating that Connecticut is a “pro-business” region dedicated to creating jobs for families and individuals of all backgrounds. He also acknowledged the state’s support and commitment to being a future-forward area focused on development, innovation, and broadening the affordable housing market.

Gov. Ned Lamont welcomed the company into the community, saying that the greater New Haven community would be a perfect fit for an innovative company like FullStack Modular. The company will be working closely with the state of Connecticut to conduct recruitment, training, and onboarding as it ramps up staffing.

“The greater New Haven community will be a perfect fit for an innovative company like FullStack Modular, and I look forward to seeing their continued growth here,” Lamont said.

State officials confirmed that no incentives were offered to bring the company to Connecticut.

FullStack Modular is a tech-driven, fully integrated, sustainable, and radically efficient modular company that requires no concrete core. The company is revolutionizing the $1.7 trillion construction market comprising multifamily, hotels, student, and affordable housing. Since operations began in 2012, FullStack Modular has employed more than 250 NYC-based workers, many of whom are women and other underrepresented classes. The company’s New York employees, who were informed of the decision in early March, have continued to assist with the operational transition and will be compensated through the end of the month.

Krulak acknowledged that the decision to move to Connecticut was not easy, considering the bond the company had developed with its New York employees. However, the state of Connecticut and the greater community of New Haven stepped up and offered the kind of partnership the company was looking for, providing the vision and support for FullStack Modular to build its operations there for the long term.