Christine Stuart

Newsroom employment in the United States has dropped by 26% since 2008, according to the Pew Research Center. It’s a trend that’s been happening over time at the same time as social media has become a more powerful draw. 

But what’s behind that Tweet? And is that Instagram story actually real? You can’t believe everything you read online, but you can trust CTNewsJunkie to hunt down the truth for you.

Whether it’s a closed-door meeting at the state Capitol or a line item in the state budget that just doesn’t make sense, we’re here for you.

The beauty of our reporting is that we try to break it down for you in a way that you can understand and read something with links to primary source documents and facts. Our rolodex is deep and people pick up the phone when we call, but all of that leg work doesn’t come without a price.

Launched in 2005, CTNewsJunkie was the first and remains the longest-running online-only news organization at the state Capitol in Hartford.

The goal was, and continues to be, to fill the void created by the ongoing retreat of legacy news organizations from the Capitol.

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