Mattress recycling Credit: Courtesy of the report

When Connecticut residents recycle their old mattresses and box springs, they transform into other useful items such as carpet padding, insulation, filters and new steel products, according to The Mattress Recycling Council. 

The non-profit organization said its “ByeBye Mattress” program had a strong seventh year, reporting that it recycled 205,000 mattresses and box spring units – at no cost to the 147 towns and cities it works with, according to Dan McGowan, MRC’s northeast program coordinator. 

“”We’re just trying to get the word out,” McGowan said. 

Those who purchase a mattress pay a recycling fee which is at $11.75 per unit for all mattresses and foundations sold in Connecticut. The fee makes it possible to disassemble the box spring units as well as setting up different locations in the municipalities the MRC works with. 

McGowan said this year saw more than 3,700 tons of steel, foam, fiber, and wood were diverted from the waste stream, and made into other items people can use. “Wood can be used for mulching, compost,” McGowan added. 

Residents can leave their old mattresses in bins located at town transfer stations, recycling centers and public works yards or by coordinating with their towns/cities for curbside collection of bulky items. 

Since the program began in 2015, more than 1.2 million mattresses have been recycled with more than 21,000 tons of steel, foam, fiver and wood being diverted from incinerators and landfills. 

McGowan said the service provides a useful way to help people get rid of a bulky piece of furniture without imposing a cost burden on the towns they live in. 

And the program doesn’t just serve municipalities, McGowan said, adding the program is open to mattress retailers, hotels, colleges and universities, hospitals and property managers. All they have to do is look up where the nearest recycling drop is. Certain sites may limit access to town residents, so folks should call ahead.

“We’re here to help,” McGowan said.