Aura Air system Credit: Contrbuted photo

An Israeli-based company which has developed a system to detect and treat air quality issues has partnered with a Connecticut group to help local school districts update air management systems. 

The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents last week announced that it is partnering with Aura Air, which also has global offices in the U.S. and India. 

Roei Friedberg, CEO of Aura Air Americas, said Aura Air provides systems that allow school officials to monitor air quality in real time on a web dashboard. The system also purifies the air, and allows officials to monitor data to ensure the situation is improving. 

“People want to see the unseen. People want to understand what’s happening,’ Friedberg said. He added people want to know more information than simply that their air is being purified. “They want to know what that means.” 

Aura Air would not get specific about what Connecticut school districts they are working with, but representatives did say they are working with “two of the largest school districts in the state,” and that they are setting up their technology in “hundreds of classrooms across the state.”  

Aura Air has worked school districts and municipalities in other states, including installing devices in municipal buildings in Cambridge, Mass., firehouses in Yonkers, NY, schools in Jackson, Mississippi, and school buses in Brooklyn, NY, according to Friedberg.

The systems installed in school buses can monitor levels of carbon dioxide within the bus. If levels get too high, alerts can be immediately sent to the driver to take action, such as opening a window, Friedberg said. 

Aura Air was founded four years ago, before COVID, targeting pollutants like mold and smoke, Friedberg said. 

“Our organization started before COVID,” Friedberg said. “Our goal was to educate and make sure people are aware of the fact that they need to improve their air quality.” 

Federal relief money can be used to help schools upgrade their indoor air management systems using federal relief money.

In April, the Biden administration announced that the US Department of Energy is launching a $500 million grant program through Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to make public schools more energy efficient and improve their air quality.