Juliemar Ortiz Credit: Courtesy of @juliemarortiz

Juliemar Ortiz might not have made it past the Democratic primary, but she will be on the ballot in November as a Working Families Party candidate.

She’s running for the 23rd state Senate seat in Bridgeport.

“The people of Bridgeport and Stratford need a real voice for change in this election – they deserve an opportunity to vote for progress, social equity, and economic justice,” Ortiz said.

She will face another Democrat, Rev. Herron Gaston, who defeated Sen. Dennis Bradley in an Aug. 9 primary, and former Republican Town Committee Chairman Michael Garrett, who has previously run for that same elected office.

“The 23rd District has proven before that insider politicians do not decide who gets to represent our community — only the people of Bridgeport and Stratford can do that,” Ortiz said. “We are proud to be the first state legislative district in the nation to elect a Working Families Party candidate when Senator Ed Gomes ran in 2015. The voters beat Bridgeport’s corrupt Democratic machine then and we can do it again now.”