Image of childcare space (Chicco DodiFC via Shutterstock)
(Chicco DodiFC via Shutterstock)

The Department of Revenue Services received 238,668 applications for the child tax rebate as of midnight last night. 

Those applications represent 369,863 dependents. 

The one-time tax credit, adopted this year as part of the state budget, applies to Connecticut parents in certain income brackets who claimed at least one minor dependent child on their 2021 tax returns. The rebate applies to single parents who made $100,000 or less and married joint filers who made $200,000 or less. Parents who file as head of households and made $169,000 or less also qualify.

So far there’s no indication that the program will be extended beyond the deadline even though the estimate is that more than 300,000 households would qualify. 

“It is disappointing that only about 70 percent of eligible families applied for the one-time state child tax rebate that closed off applications July 31. Given that this program is due to expire after one year, I would call upon the Democrats to join Republicans to enact meaningful, permanent tax relief in the form of an income tax cut,’’ House Minority Leader Vincent Candelora said. 

Rep. Sean Scanlon, a Guilford Democrat who is co-chair of the legislature’s tax-writing committee, has said 90% of Connecticut parents qualify.