Child Tax Credit concept with a calculator, dollar bill, IRS check, and pen
Credit: Charise Wilson / Shutterstock

State officials warned Connecticut parents Tuesday about an approaching Sunday deadline to apply for a one-time child tax rebate that could send low- and middle-income households up to $750.

During a morning press conference at Waterbury City Hall, Gov. Ned Lamont and state legislators urged parents to take advantage of the tax rebate, which provides eligible households with $250 per child for up to three minor children.

“Take advantage of this,” Lamont said. “Don’t waste this opportunity, making life just a little bit more affordable.”

The one-time tax credit, adopted this year as part of the state budget, applies to Connecticut parents in certain income brackets who claimed at least one minor dependent child on their 2021 tax returns. The rebate applies to single parents who made $100,000 or less and married joint filers who made $200,000 or less. Parents who file as head of households and made $169,000 or less also qualify.

Rep. Sean Scanlon, a Guilford Democrat who is co-chair of the legislature’s tax-writing committee, said 90% of Connecticut parents qualify.

“Five days left, do not wait,” Scanlon said. “Make sure you log on right now to Take two minutes and within two weeks you will get a check in the mail for at least $250 that you can use for whatever it is you need to use it for, whether it’s back-to-school, diapers, clothes, food, your rent. Whatever it is you need to get help with.”

Gov. Ned Lamont at Waterbury City Hall on July 26, 2022 (courtesy of CT-N)

The Revenue Services Department began taking applications for the rebate on June 1 and so far a little over half of eligible households have applied. The agency’s most recent estimates expect that around 300,000 households are eligible. As of Tuesday, a DRS spokesperson said roughly 180,000 had applied. 

Rep. Geraldo Reyes, a Waterbury Democrat who chairs the legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, said proponents would continue outreach efforts to raise awareness of the rebate before the application window closes on Sunday. 

“We’re going to do a lot of groundwork in Waterbury because we have a large hispanic population,” Reyes said. “This an opportunity to put up to $750 in your pocket.”

The state plans to mail out another round of postcards with information about the program to households believed to be eligible. Last week, Scanlon said he believed the state should consider mailing checks directly to everyone known to qualify if the program is extended in the future. 

“But like everything, you learn a lesson. I think we learned a lesson here and as we look towards hopefully seeing this program continue we’ve learned a lot,” he said.