Screengrab from a campaign advertisement
Screengrab from Dita Bhargava’s latest advertisement in the Democratic Primary for state Treasurer, titled “Stripped Away.” Credit: Screengrab / Youtube / Dita Bhargava campaign

Hulu, the streaming service owned by Disney, has reversed course and will now run the pro-choice TV ad “Stripped Away,” by Connecticut treasurer candidate, Dita Bhargava. 

The campaign got word from the company this morning. 

“We applaud Disney, the parent company of Hulu, for their company policy to promote human rights as described by the United Nations and for ultimately recognizing that reproductive rights are human rights, as stated by UN Women just last month,” Bhargava said. 

Bhargava said she would continue to challenge corporate governance issues if she’s elected treasurer. 

“Our activism, perseverance, and forceful challenge of corporate behavior resulted in the reversal of the decision,” Bhargava said in a press release.