Credit: Vitalii Vodolazskyi / Shutterstock

Beginning June 1, hundreds of thousands of Connecticut families can begin applying for a new temporary tax credit which will provide eligible households $250 per child for up to three children.

State policymakers began a public outreach campaign Thursday morning with a press conference at the Hartford Region YWCA in an effort to raise awareness of the new child tax credit, a one-time rebate which was adopted as part of this year’s state budget.

In order to receive the credit, eligible families must visit the Connecticut Revenue Services Department website between June 1 and July 31 to apply. 

To qualify, residents must have claimed at least one minor dependent child on their 2021 tax returns and meet certain income thresholds. Single filers will receive the full benefits if they made $100,000 or less. Married joint filers can qualify at $200,000 or less and head of household filers qualify at $169,000 or less. Residents who exceed those thresholds may still be eligible for a reduced rebate depending on their income.

During Thursday’s press conference, Revenue Services Commissioner Mark Boughton said his department had begun mailing postcards to 300,000 families who are expected to be eligible. Rep. Sean Scanlon, a Guilford Democrat who co-chairs the legislators tax-writing committee, said he and Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz would be participating in a “seven-city tour” to raise awareness.

“This is something that is a lifeline for people, for their ability to pay their bills and deal with the costs that are rising,” Scanlon said. “Connecticut is one of the few states in the nation that can say, very proudly as far as I’m concerned, that we understand how expensive it is to raise children now and this is a pro-family state.”

According to the governor’s office, qualified applicants can expect to begin receiving rebate checks beginning in late August.

During the press event, Tracy Scott, a Windsor grandmother raising four children, said the rebate will help her family offset increased costs brought on by a recent spike in inflation. 

“Raising children is not always easy, financially,” Scott said. “Life has been, you know, a little hard. With inflation and everything, bills going up, cost of — increase in food. Our children love to eat… They need clothes, they need shoes and so forth.”

Gov. Ned Lamont said the rebate will help demonstrate the state’s commitment to easing the burden on families.

“The child tax credit … is one more way to say Connecticut values families. We understand what it is in this day and age to raise a family and make sure those kids get the very best head start in life,” Lamont said.