Rep. Jillian Gilchrest, D-West Hartford Credit: Hugh McQuaid / CTNewsJunkie

Less than a week after passing legislation expanding access to abortion services in Connecticut, lawmakers reacted with outrage Tuesday to a draft opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court arguing for the repeal of Roe vs Wade.

The draft opinion of the conservative high court was leaked and published Monday by Politico. The court has confirmed the document is authentic, though it may not reflect a final decision, it does indicate that a majority of the court is in favor of overturning the landmark case which legalized abortion nationwide in 1973. 

Rep. Jillian Gilchrest, D-West Hartford, said many of the pro-choice lawmakers in Connecticut were expecting this decision. 

“What I was not expecting is the misogyny and the anti-choice rhetoric that comes along with it,” Gilchrest said. 

She said the decision doesn’t respect women’s autonomy. 

“Women and pregnant people will only truly be free when they have access to all of their reproductive health care, including abortion care,” Gilchrest said. 

Rep. Matt Blumenthal, D-Stamford, said he knows the “opposition will not be satisfied with leaving abortion laws to the states.” 

He said they’ve already seen laws in other states making laws that impact states like Connecticut that protect it. 

He said federal legislators are trying to pass a nationwide ban on abortion. 

And as disturbing as overturning Roe would be, “the draft decision that was leaked last night, is even more horrendous.” 

He said it cited an 18th century commentator who supported the burning of witches and supported marital rape, “but the logic of the decision would eliminate the right to same-sex intimacy, it would eliminate the right to same-sex marriage, it would eliminate the right to contraception and it could very well eliminate the right to interacial marriage.” 

Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz called it a “dark and ominous day for our country.” 

“The court’s opinion is infuriating and alarming,” she added. 

Attorney General William Tong said the Supreme Court intends to “carpet bomb fundamental rights that are hardwired into who we are as Americans.” 

He said if it’s more than a draft decision the decision will divide the country. 

Regardless of what happens lawmakers on both sides of the issue don’t suspect it will be an issue in Connecticut because the Nutmeg state has already codified abortion. 

“Whether or not it becomes a states right versus a federal right, Connecticut has already codified that so I don’t foresee any impact on our state,” House Minority Leader Vincent Candelora, R-North Branford, said. 

As far as any political impacts in Connecticut, Candelora said it’s an issue “that’s going to energize people and polarize them.”

Senate President Kevin Kelly said he was reluctant to comment on the leaked opinion but did not expect it to have much impact in Connecticut. 

“I really don’t want to comment on the merits of a hypothetically leaked document. What I can say is that in the state of Connecticut a woman’s right to choose has been determined both by statute and court law to be a settled issue,” Kelly said. 

A bill to protect abortion in Connecticut’s constitution has been on the Senate calendar since the middle of April. However, Blumenthal said they don’t have enough time to get it passed this year. He expects it will come up in future legislative sessions.