Rep. Joe Zullo reaches first base Credit: Christine Stuart photo

It was a shutout. Democratic lawmakers on the “Majority Rules” kickball team didn’t score any runs Tuesday. Republican lawmakers on the “CT Stampede” beat them 4 to 0. 

But it was all in good fun and all for a good cause. 

Tuesday’s night game, which raised money for Connecticut Foodshare, was the first kickball game. In the past the two parties have had softball and basketball games at around the same time of year. 

Themis Klarides objects to a call about a foul ball Credit: Christine Stuart photo

Just days before they bicker about policy and fiscal notes, Democratic and Republican lawmakers gathered at the Hartford Yard Goats stadium in Hartford for a game of kickball. 

House Speaker Matt Ritter tries to give his team some strategy Credit: Christine Stuart photo

The Democrats were managed by former Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz and the Republicans by former House Minority Leader Themis Klarides. Republicans were the first to score a run in the first, followed by three more in the third inning. Democrats were unable to round the bases. 

Rep. Kurt Vail runs to first base Credit: Christine Stuart photo

“We have differences and you’ll see that in the next three weeks,” House Speaker Matt Ritter said. “But we genuinely work very hard to come together when we can.” 

Ritter said as a part-time legislature events like these are important. 

Sen. Ryan Fazio fields a ball Credit: Christine Stuart photo

The stands were filled with lobbyists and family members of lawmakers. It lasted about 40 minutes. 

Good sportsmanship Credit: Christine Stuart photo