An image of a positive result on an at-home Abbott Test for COVID-19.
An image of a positive result on an at-home Abbott Test for COVID-19. Credit: Lon Seidman / CTNewsJunkie

Hundreds of pharmacies and federally qualified community health centers across Connecticut are now offering COVID testing and treatments to patients at the same time and place.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, these test-to-treat sites provide antiviral medication to hundreds of locations across the U.S, who then distribute them to patients who test positive.

“People will be able to get tested, and – if they are positive and treatments are appropriate for them – receive a prescription from a qualified healthcare provider, and have their prescription filled all in one location” the U.S. Health and Human Services website states.

The website also said that the two medications being distributed were Pflizer’s Paxlovid and Merick’s Molnupiravir, and both were proven to prevent severe illness and hospitalization when taken, “soon after symptoms onset”.

The state said Monday that there are 2,623 new COVID cases within the last 7 days, and a seven-day positive test rate of 4.6%. With 5 new hospitalizations and cases on the rise, facilities across the state are taking action. There are currently 106 residents in the hospital.

Leslie Gianelli, vice president of communications at Community Health Centers Inc., said that they are now offering Paxlovid as same-day treatment to eligible patients at all of their 16 locations across the state. 

“The medicine really helps with treatment within the right time frame,” she said.

Tara Burke, a representative from CVS pharmacy, said that they have also received the oral antivirals from the Federal Government, and have initiated the test-to-treat model for both CVS pharmacy and MinuteClinic patients. 

“All of our 1,200 MinuteClinic medical clinics are participating in the Test to Treat program across 35 states and Washington D.C” she said.