Gov. Ned Lamont on free bus fare through June 30 Credit: Katie Cerulle photo

HARTFORD, CT – “What’s not to like? The bus is free for the next few months,” Edwin Ovalles, said Wednesday. 

Ovalles, a Hartford resident, said that he was surprised that the state was doing this, but is excited that he will now be able to ride the bus for free.

As the cost of transportation rises, Gov. Ned Lamont signed into law a gas tax holiday and free bus rides between April 1 and June 30. The legislation was unanimously passed by the General Assembly last week. 

Another commuter, Dale from East Hartford, said that he finds that it’s tough to work around the bus schedule, but he, too, is excited about the suspended fares. 

“It’s definitely a good thing,” he said. 

Vicki Shotland, executive director of the greater Hartford transit group, said that the new legislation will be a success, specifically for the disabled population in Hartford. 

“The $3.50 cost per trip is a hardship to so many disabled passengers providing a three-month reprieve in regard to a fare-free service is gonna be a tremendous assistance,” she said. 

At a press conference outside the Old State House where the buses transfer Lamont said, “I’m doing everything I can to encourage more people to use public transportation.” 

Bus ridership fell during the pandemic, but never below 50%, according to House Majority Leader Jason Rojas.