A new report from the Alliance for Automotive Innovation says Connecticut’s electric vehicle market share increased by 3.64% in the fourth quarter of 2021, rising to 6.79% for the quarter and finishing at 5.15% for the year.

The gain was one of the largest in the country, putting Connecticut 10th in electric vehicle market share by state in the fourth quarter. According to the report, just 16 states surpassed 5% for EV market share in the fourth quarter: California, the District of Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, New Jersey, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Vermont, Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Arizona, Delaware, and Florida.

The national average in the fourth quarter was 6%, while the full-year average was 4.35%.

While the market share for EVs is growing, according to the Alliance EVs represent only 0.73% of the vehicles in operation in Connecticut, or 61.13 per 10,000 residents. Currently, there are 1,199 charging stations in the state and 18.21 vehicles per charging station.

The report also states that an additional 105,608 charging stations will be needed to support EVs if they reach 25% of the vehicles in operation.