Here below are the bills up for discussion today. Follow the links to register by email and vote your support or opposition, and comment on legislation using your Facebook login.

Insurance Committee public hearing, 9 a.m.

SB 411: An Act Concerning Medical Debt On Credit Scores

SB 412: An Act Prohibiting Hospitals From Charging Facility Fees For Telehealth Services

SB 413: An Act Concerning Common Interest Ownership Communities

HB 5409: An Act Concerning Financial Planners And The Connecticut Unfair Insurance Practices Act

HB 5411: An Act Concerning Travel Insurance

HB 5450: An Act Concerning Telehealth

Appropriations Committee public hearing, 10 a.m.

SB 36: An Act Concerning Funding For The Farm Viability Grant Program

SB 37: An Act Concerning Funding For An Expansion Of Home And Community Based Services For Persons Who Are Elderly Or Have Alzheimer’s Disease

SB 38: An Act Concerning Funding For Housatonic River Clean Up

SB 107: An Act Concerning The Teachers’ Retirement System Health Insurance Subsidy

HB 5002: An Act Expanding Grants In Lieu Of Taxes Payments To Include Manufacturing Machinery And Equipment Exempt From Property Tax

HB 5003: An Act Concerning The Unemployment Trust Fund

HB 5004: An Act Concerning Funding For Behavioral Health Mobile Crisis Intervention Services For School Students

HB 5005: An Act Concerning Funding For The Victim Compensation Program

HB 5073: An Act Increasing Legislator Salary

HB 5080: An Act Concerning Funding For Dredging In Old Lyme

SB 396: An Act Concerning Revisions To The Teachers’ Retirement System Statutes

SB 405: An Act Concerning The Teachers’ Retirement Board And Valuations Of The Teachers’ Retirement System

• HB 5431: An Act Concerning Funding Received By The State Under The Federal American Rescue Plan Act

HB 5433: An Act Establishing A Council On Mental And Behavioral Health Program Oversight

SB 34: An Act Concerning Funding For The Covered Connecticut Program

SB 111: An Act Concerning Funding For Child Care Programs

Environment Committee public hearing, 10 a.m.

SB 236: An Act Concerning The Use Of Back Up Diesel Generators For Purposes Of Peak Shaving

HB 5291: An Act Authorizing Bonding For Bikeways, Greenways And Recreational Trails

SB 239: An Act Prohibiting The Use Of Certain Rodenticides For The Protection Of Hawks, Raptors And Other Wildlife

HB 5140: An Act Concerning The Hand Harvesting Of Horseshoe Crabs In The State

SB 238: An Act Concerning Revisions To Certain Environment Related Statutes

SB 243: An Act Concerning Climate Smart Agricultural Practices

SB 117: An Act Concerning Tree Removal On Properties Under The Control Of The Department Of Energy And Environmental Protection

HB 5298: An Act Concerning Waste To Energy Facilities

Judiciary Committee public hearing, 10 a.m.

SB 361: An Act Concerning Probate Court Operations

SB 366: An Act Concerning Civil Penalties For Failure To Comply With Prevailing Wage Laws

SB 424: An Act Concerning Real Estate And The Probate Courts

SB 426: An Act Concerning False Claims And Other Prohibited Acts

SB 434: An Act Concerning Court Processes Associated With The Announcement Of A Verdict In A Criminal Proceeding

SB 435: An Act Concerning The Permissible Recording Of A Private Telephone Conversation

HB 5350: An Act Requiring Public Institutions Of Higher Education To Establish A Policy Protecting Freedom Of Expression On Campus

HB 5393: An Act Concerning Court Operations

HB 5394: An Act Concerning The Discontinuance And Replacement Of The London Interbank Offered Rate

HB 5413: An Act Prohibiting A Party To A Civil Action From Attempting To Recoup The Costs Of Court Imposed Service Fees From An Opposing Party

HB 5462: An Act Concerning The Removal Of Restrictive Covenants In Instruments Affecting Title To Real Property

HB 5463: An Act Concerning The Authority Of The Office Of The Attorney General To Bring An Action Against A Seller Who Engages In Price Gouging During A Disaster Or Emergency

HB 5464: An Act Concerning The Value Of The Homestead Exemption

Planning and Development Committee public hearing, 10 a.m.

SB 128: An Act Concerning Foreclosure, Assignment And Other Enforcement Actions For Unpaid Sewer Assessments And Other Fees And Charges

SB 322: An Act Concerning An Amendment To The Charter Of The Metropolitan District Commission

SB 323: An Act Establishing A Municipal Tree Removal Account

SB 324: An Act Establishing A Working Group To Study Title Seven Of The General Statutes

SB 327: An Act Establishing A Working Group To Study The Implementation Of Federal Title Ix Protections For All Municipal Recreation Areas And School Sports Facilities

HB 5167: An Act Authorizing A Delay In Property Revaluations

HB 5172: An Act Concerning Reemployment And The Municipal Employees’ Retirement System

HB 5269: An Act Concerning Remote Meetings Under The Freedom Of Information Act

HB 5359: An Act Requiring A Study Of The Feasibility Of Permitting The Online Advertisement Of Legal Notices By Municipalities

HB 5362: An Act Requiring Public Comment Periods At Public Agency Meetings

HB 5423: An Act Establishing A Pilot Program To Collect Data Related To Fire And Rescue Service Delivery In The State

Government Administration and Elections Committee public hearing, 11 a.m.

SB 431 An Act Concerning Referenda, Independent Expenditures and
Certain Other Political Spending

SB 432 An Act Concerning a Technical Revision Related to Campaign

SB 436 An Act Concerning Data Governance Among Executive Branch

• SB 439 An Act Concerning Human Resource Administration and the
State Personnel Act

HB 5451 An Act Concerning Revisions to Statutes Concerning the

HB 5452 An Act Establishing a Task Force Concerning the Accessibility
of State Agency Internet Web Sites

HB 5453 An Act Requiring the Online Posting of Certain State

HB 5454 An Act Concerning the Department of Administrative Services
and Criminal Background Checks

HB 5455 An Act Concerning Campaign Consultants and Disclosure

HB 5456 An Act Authorizing the Purchase of the Capitol District Energy
Center Cogeneration Associates Energy Production Plant

HB 5457 An Act Concerning Municipal Campaign Finance Filings

HB 5458 An Act Concerning Revisions to the Freedom of Information
Act Recommended by the Freedom of Information Commission

HB 5459 An Act Requiring the Online Posting of Meeting Notices of
State Public Agencies

HB 5460 An Act Concerning Notification of Unclaimed Property

HB 5461 An Act Establishing a Task Force to Study Ballot Placement of
Referendum Questions

Public Health Committee public hearing, 12:30 p.m.

SB 213 An Act Allowing Medical Assistants to Administer

HB 5190 An Act Concerning Testing for Human
Immunodeficiency Virus

HB 5275 An Act Prohibiting Certain Health Carriers from
Requiring Step Therapy for Prescription Drugs Used to Treat Mental or
Behavioral Health Conditions

HB 5278 An Act Prohibiting an Unauthorized Intimate
Examination on a Patient who is Under Deep Sedation or Anesthesia or

HB 5396 An Act Increasing Access to Mental Health Medication

HB 5419 An Act Concerning the Department of Mental Health
and Addiction Services’ Recommendations Regarding Regional Behavioral
Health Action Organizations