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It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you stand, and I’m gonna be standing for the people of Connecticut. Ned Lamont, 2018

Chanel Whyte

Without hesitation, but with certainty, I have gotten to the point where it’s not blue I’m feeling, it’s burgundy.

Red is for anger, these actions are just pitiful, 2.5 billion plus 10%, check the residual.

It’s crazy how y’all politicians give us these hypocritical claims, promise us the future but tell us to fix up our twang.

Talk about the noises on the street, we can’t even fund the bus drivers, please allow me to speak.

Talk about all the money taken out of pay to keep the building sane, meanwhile, my math teacher is going insane, with all of the work he does, all the responsibility that was supposed to be taken care of by another individual, again please check the residual.

Even though we aren’t funded, we’ll rise, rise past being ignored, we’re wise.

Not caring about what we have to say, not caring what we do.

Replacing my anger with knowledge, by the way, this poem is called written responses.

Ever so glad that I have this district, too bad this politician is not active in it.

Speaking but not acting, which now leads me to the beginning of reacting.

Plenty of lies, little truth, talk a lot about helping us, please, that’s old news.

Over and over we hear, “I will help you”, but the time is getting near that’s what many people fear.

Ned Lamont, to me, doesn’t really care, trust me I am not disrespectful but this anger is getting hard to bear.

So finally getting heard, feels pretty good, Ned needs to help us as he said he would.

Ending on the positive is definitely my prerogative.

So again, thank you for listening to this synopsis by Chanel Whyte AKA me, called Written Responses.

Chanel Whyte is a student at The Bridge Academy in Bridgeport, Connnecticut.

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