USS Minnesota departs Groton for new homeport of Pearl Harbor
Credit: Philip Medbury / All rights reserved / No consent given for reuse / Philip Medbury

Photographer Philip Medbury captured this image of the USS Minnesota (SSN-783) as it departed Groton last week on the way to its new homeport of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Medbury, of Waterford, told his Facebook friends that “it was a true honor to escort them for their last outbound from Groton.”

He said he captured images of the Virginia-class, nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine’s departure on behalf of the crew and their families.

A member of the US Navy Submarine Service confirmed that the 377-foot submarine was changing its homeport to Pearl Harbor and that the information was not classified, possibly because of all logistics involved in moving the families of the crew and their belongings all the way to Oahu.

The USS Minnesota was commissioned Sept. 7, 2013, and has a crew complement of 134, according to Wikipedia.