Special elections have been scheduled in parts of Stamford and Waterbury as well as all of Middlebury in the next couple months so voters can choose new state representatives following the mid-term resignation of two legislators. 

On Friday morning, Gov. Ned Lamont scheduled a Feb. 22 election in the 71st House district where Middlebury and Waterbury voters will cast ballots on a replacement for Rep. Tony D’Amelio, R-Waterbury, who resigned from the legislature last week to focus on family and his restaurant business.

Lamont had previously scheduled a Jan. 25 election in Stamford, where voters will choose a new representative to finish the rest of Rep. Caroline Simmons’ term. Simmons, a Democrat, resigned after she was elected to serve as the city’s mayor.

A third special election is on the horizon in Hartford and Windsor, where Rep. Brandon McGee, D-Hartford, has announced his plans to resign and join Lamont’s reelection campaign. 

On Friday, House Speaker Matt Ritter announced that Rep. Quentin Phipps, D-Middletown, would replace McGee as co-chair of the legislature’s Housing Committee. 

“Issues related to housing equity and justice are as serious today as they were decades ago. I know Q will dedicate his energies to thoughtful solutions,” Ritter said in a press release.