Ahead of a winter snow storm, Gov. Ned Lamont has directed all nonessential state employees to stay at home. 

“This appears to be a significant winter storm that is about to impact our state, with snowfall anticipated to reach rates of more than one inch per hour causing whiteout conditions and happening right at the height of the morning rush hour,” Lamont said in a press release. “We are directing that all Level 2 state employees who have been physically reporting to their office buildings to stay home on Friday out of an abundance of caution.”

A Level 2 employee is a nonessential state worker who isn’t a first responder, plow truck driver, Correction officer or medical professional working for the state. 

However, if state employees have been working remotely during the COVID-19 surge then they are expected to continue in that capacity from home. 

“I strongly encourage everyone in Connecticut to stay off the roads on Friday morning unless absolutely necessary, particularly during the height of the storm so that DOT crews can clear the roads and keep everyone safe.”