School officials say a new voluntary program that allows students to stay in the classroom after being exposed to someone who has COVID-19 is working. 

“It’s great because we’re really reducing the number of kids that are quarantined,” Newington Superintendent Maureen Brummett says. 

Brummett says even without any data the program seems to be working. 

“Early in the school year we were quarantining kids quite frequently. I’ve had in my district alone over 100 COVID cases this year,” she says. 

Some of those are breakthrough cases of vaccinated staff or students. 

“Parents still hold the cards in this. If they’re concerned about their child they still keep them home. The screen to stay has the option for family empowerment and decision making,” Connecticut Education Association President Kate Dias says. 

That’s part of why Dias likes the screen and stay program. 

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