Gov. Ned Lamont with service dogs at a food drive in Hartford Credit: Christine Stuart / CTNewsJunkie

State police have charged a Waterford man with second degree threatening after he posted a series of apparent death threats directed at Gov. Ned Lamont on Twitter last month. 

According to his arrest affidavit, Jonathan Wright told police he had authored the tweets, which were responses to posts on Lamont’s Twitter account. The posts were made between Oct. 15 and Oct. 22.

The last posting came in reply to a message by Lamont to state Sen. Will Haskell, who he’d run into during a trip to Washington D.C. Lamont wrote, “Whether it’s in our capitol or THE Capitol, always great to see you, Will!”

Wright responded, “You are scum living on borrowed time. President Trump knows what you did to the eldery Covid patients that were sent to nursing homes. All is known and you will meet your maker courtesy of a noose and a trap door. Treason=DEATH.”

Wright told police he did not personally intend to do the governor harm. He hoped Lamont would be subject to a military tribunal, the arrest warrant said. 

According to his Twitter profile, Wright created his account in September and has used it to post nine times. Most are in response to something Lamont wrote. Wright referenced former President Donald Trump several times and also called the COVID-19 vaccine “an experimental chemical concoction that has KILLED over 32,000 people since January.” In another post, he wrote, “Trump saved MILLIONS of lives by pushing the vaccines out much earlier.”

In a separate post, Wright suggested that the governor may already have been arrested. 

“I’m pretty sure you have already been taken to GITMO and you are nothing but a Patriot actor,” he wrote. “But if you aren’t, you will soon reap the consequences of TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.”

Lamont was asked about the arrest during a Tuesday visit to the Connecticut Foodshare’s annual Turkey Tuesday food drive in Hartford. 

“There’s a lot of, you know, distress and anger that gets amped up on social media. And I’m doing everything I can to keep people on the straight and narrow and looking out for each other. That’s why I’m doing an event like today,” Lamont said. 

The governor declined to comment on whether the incident had impacted his security. “We’ll be okay, thanks,” he said.