She’s 20 years old and fully vaccinated. She went home for the weekend and got Covid-19. She’s one of more than 11,000 Connecticut residents who have had a breakthrough case.

“It’s definitely scaring me that I have these long-term symptoms. I’m having trouble doing my daily exercise routines, I’m having trouble even walking to class and catching my breath. It’s definitely scary and it’s making me think, will I always have these symptoms?” Nicole McIsaac says. 

McIsaac is a junior at Quinnipiac University. She went back home to her family’s house in New York to pack up her clothes for the semester and got Covid-19.

“When I first tested positive I didn’t even know if I could drive myself to get the test I was so sick. When it did come back positive I quarantined in my house for 10 days those first four days. I couldn’t eat. I had no appetite whatsoever, it hurt when I was breathing,” she says. “I didn’t go to a crazy party or a huge setting without wearing my mask and I was completely vaccinated.” 

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