Some members of the public told insurance regulators Tuesday that there’s no reason to increase health insurance rates in 2022. Health insurers defended the rate requests. 

“I am paying $43,200 for a family of four with $5,000 deductibles,” Diane Keefe of Norwalk told insurance regulators Tuesday. 

“This is unsustainable. Families are suffering and there should be no increase,” she said.

Keefe was just one of a handful of people asking insurance regulators to deny the average rate increases of 9% to 13% for health insurance companies. 

“I’ve been a small group policyholder for Anthem for nine years. Anthem is now back again asking you to raise my premiums another 12%,” Dan Pflug of Easton said. 

“$33,000 is too much for health insurance for the average family and you guys have the power to stop this freight train,” he added.

The Connecticut Insurance Department is looking at the proposed rate increases. 

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