New data shows youth car thefts are trending down this year. Advocates gathered at the state capitol to draw attention to the new numbers, which they say is proof Connecticut’s laws work. 

“We must shine a light on these issues but not mar the light with untruths, lies and innuendos,” Rep. Toni Walker, D-New Haven, says. 

Walker says she doesn’t think laws need to be changed. 

Youth car thefts decreased 19% this year when compared to the first six months of last year, according to Judicial branch statistics. They went from 421 in 2020 to 341 in 2021.

“This is not a partisan issue. I want to stick to the issue which is our kids,” Walker says. 

Bipartisan talks over how to handle youth car thefts broke down this week. 

Gov. Ned Lamont says he plans to take action soon. 

“We’re paying special attention. One of the changes I’ve order and are going into effect next week is make sure judges know the difference between the first time offender whose just doing something stupid and can make the appropriate response to that and that chronic repeat offender,” Lamont says. 

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