Some landlords are frustrated and some tenants say they are relieved after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest extension of the eviction moratorium. 

“We feel like we’re the last people in line to get any help, unfortunately,” John Souza, head of the Coalition of Connecticut Property Owners, said.

He said everyone should care about this issue because it impacts the amount of housing that’s available.

“Landlords are saying they’re going to sit it out for awhile. They’re not going to rent to anybody anymore until this whole thing is over,” Souza said. 

He added: “Landlords have already raised their standards tremendously.”

Renters say the situation has been stressful.

“My life has changed drastically because of this whole thing,” Brandon Meuse of Groton said. 

“The car I drive, where I live, I’m even looking at different jobs now,” he said.

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