Surprised and uncomfortable- that’s how a father and son felt- when they saw what was written on the deed to their Manchester home. They went to the legislature to get it changed.  

“It was surprising, it was upsetting,” David Ware said of the deed language.” To see such a blatant expression of the racial attitudes that were prevalent back then. 

Ware and his father Fred were researching the history of their home when they came across the rules in their home’s deed. 

The deed essentially says: “the property may be used or occupied only by person of the white race with the exception of domestic servants,” Ware said. 

The Connecticut legislature passed a law that creates a process for this language to be voided. 

Sen. Gary Winfield, D-New Haven, who co-chairs the Judiciary Committee says it was long overdue. 

“There are things that our history has put in place that we might not even be aware of that still can have impact,” Winfield said. 

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