The more contagious delta variant threatens a fuller reopening of offices and schools, but regular testing could help catch these cases before they spread. However, there are no more mass testing sites in Connecticut.  

“We were conducting over 200,000 tests a week. It got as low as 50,000 tests a week a month or two ago,” Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe said. 

We got used to seeing lines cars at COVID-19 testing sites last year, like the one at Community Health Center in Hartford, but those lines are long gone. 

There are no mass testing sites left in Connecticut, but there are still ways to get a test.

“We’re back now up to about 80,000 tests per week, “Geballe said. 

The state is expecting an increase.

“When we see cases go up, we typically see testing go up as well,” he said. 

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