Gov. Ned Lamont celebrated the signing of two bills that seek to prevent gun deaths, violence and suicides. 

It’s a big deal. It recognizes the work Andrew Wood and his team has been doing for years to prevent gun violence in the city of Hartford. 

“They’re on call 24/7. They show up at the hospital when someone has been shot. They provide this intervention in the ER waiting room to ensure that there isn’t retaliatory shootings,” Rep. Jillian Gilchrest, D-West Hartford, said.

That’s the work that Wood and “Hartford Communities that Care” does. 

“Big thanks to the governor for now being the first in the nation to sign this historical legislation into law,” Wood said.

Lamont said he was proud. 

“I think this Medicaid expansion is the first in the country. First in the nation, thank you,” Lamont said. 

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