(Erce via Shutterstock)

Gov. Ned Lamont vetoed three more bills Tuesday, bringing his total up to four from the 2021 legislative session. 

Two of the bills were related to conveyance of state land and one dealt with probate court orders. 

The bill dealing with probate courts would have required other state agencies to recognize, apply and honor probate court decisions, even if they weren’t a party. 

“This means that probate court decisions would bind state agency eligibility determinations for various state assistance programs, including the Medicaid program,” Lamont wrote in his veto message. “This requirement may violate federal and state law, and pose a substantial risk to losing federal funds, violate a basic principle of law, and result in increased costs that were not included in the budget.” 

The other two pieces of legislation dealt with the transfer of property: one to an individual in Wolcott and the other to the New Haven Port Authority.

“The $6,000 sales price required by the legislation is less than one quarter of the appraised fair market value for the property,” Lamont wrote of the Wolcott property. 

The New Haven property was supposed to be conveyed after deducting the remediation costs from the property value, but the Department of Transportation “cannot use any of the sale proceeds to cover the remediation costs,” and must find an alternative source of revenue. 

“The level of remediation and associated costs are dependent on the use of the land. The legislation is silent as to how the land will be used,” Lamont wrote. 

He said he doesn’t want to expose taxpayers to “an unknown and potentially very high cost.” 

So far this session, Lamont has signed 237 bills.